Sunday, May 16, 2010

Man Weekend?

I'm calling it a mans weekend, but with every bit of heterosexuality I can muster. Gorging lots of red meat with Red Robin burgers followed by watching grown men in battle getting shot through the neck with arrows in Robin Hood the movie, and a Saturday of pure manly craftsmanship. Lots and lots of testosterone. Nothing but unmistakable rugged manhood.
Shane, however, did cause me to question his strapping "manly-man" exterior during this little encounter we had at the theatre. After purchasing goodies and snacks at the theatre (note to self- NEVER do that again. No matter how retarded you look trying to sneak food in, its SO worth the dollars saved), we made our way back to the show. As we rounded the corner, I spied an outrageously beautiful blonde bombshell standing next to what appeared to be her stupid muscle-head of a boyfriend. The dialogue was as follows: 

Me- Holy crap!!
Shane- What?
Me- Did you see that?!?
Shane- Oh, that? Yeah, they're heads are always weird shaped though.
Me (Confused and taking another look)- Really? I don't see anything wrong at all...
Shane- Dude, when they get that big, they're heads look disproportionate.
Me (extremely confused)- Dude, are you really that picky? That girl is flawless!
Shane- Wait, what?
Me- (pointing out the girl)...
Shane- Oh... (starts laughing)
Me- Who where you talking about?
Shane- That guy standing next to her. He's ripped!

We had a good laugh about that one!
The next day Shane and I built stuff with our bare hands. Real manly stuff I tell ya! His new apartment has no furniture, so we started work on a kitchen table and some chairs... Here's a sneak peak of the project.
The work bench

Just got done cutting out the legs while Shane grinds out the main supports

A few hours later after sanding and routering 

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